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I am passionate about helping people to work through their issues and move from ‘surviving’ to ‘living’.

I see clients for therapy in my room at Gloucester Docks or via Zoom.

I believe it is essential to find the right therapist/client relationship, so I therefore offer a free 20-minute consultation via Zoom.

If we decide to go ahead, I will send you a contract, which we will then go through in our first session, giving you the opportunity to clarify any details. ​

We will then meet once a week.

It can be helpful to contract for six sessions initially so that we have a time focus, but this is not essential and we can assess what we need as we go along.

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I use an integrative approach, which means that I combine Person-Centred and Psychodynamic approaches. I sometimes introduce CBT type techniques or dream analysis if this would seem helpful and appropriate.


The person-centred counselling approach provides a safe space to allow the client to explore their feelings. This space is created by the counsellor’s use of empathy, genuineness and a non-judgemental attitude. The aim is to help the client become empowered as a ‘fully functioning person’ through guided discovery.


I use a Freudian based Psychodynamic approach which aims to bring the unconscious into the conscious. It looks at aspects of the self, such as themes and patterns of behaviours. It also involves looking at our development from birth through the different life stages and the impact this has on our current life. 

I am trained as a psychotherapist for ex-boarders




If you are an adult who was sent away to boarding school as a child, you may be experiencing Boarding School Syndrome. When children are sent to boarding school, their attachment – which is vital to development – is broken. They have to find ways of surviving and unconsciously develop strategies in order to do so. The strategies you developed as a child, however may be unhelpful to you as an adult and you may find that you experience issues such as:

Feeling unhappy, anxious or traumatised; low self-esteem; feelings of ‘What’s the point?’; difficulty feeling emotions; finding relationships tricky.

You might have upsetting memories of teasing, bullying or sexual abuse, or periods of your childhood that you can’t remember.


It might feel as if you’re surviving life but not really living it.

I am passionate about helping ex-boarders overcome difficulties resulting from having been to boarding school, and helping them to move towards a more content and fulfilling life.

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Free of charge

20 minute consultation on Zoom


Individual Sessions
1 hour
Face-to-face or via Zoom
Paid one week in advance


One-off single session
1.5 hours


6 sessions
Block booking
Paid in full before first session

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